We found that Budget branding was only ever going to bring us down. We discovered that the opposition motel referred to us as the "budget place down the road". If guests accidentally went to them they would be put off by our 'budget' standard.

Mountain Man - It is always good to create Premium rooms. We have just started a new venture and that is one of our priorities. We are slowly eliminating our budget chasing clientele. Our predecessors had very low rates. Guests who have been coming for 10 years or so at the same $89 now find that they have to pay $115 or more in peak. Amazing how abusive these "long-term VIP's" are.

And I have to laugh at those 'tyre kickers', who leave the husband in the car, down the road. They plead poor, pull out all the discount requests, then want to see a room and return to "ask the husband". Of course they just drive away. I don't like showing rooms as nearly every one of them don't take a room. I know this may lead readers to say "the rooms must be crap". But they are not. It is just that tyre-kickers are just looking for cheap.