AAA Rating is a crock.. I spoke about this years ago and nothing has changed.

We have a 5-star system. Ok. So middle of the road is 3 stars.therefore a 3 star. Otel should be a very high standard B and B with excellent cleanliness, new fittings and all the things that the average person would expect.

Reality is that a 3-star is usually a tired dump that needs a lot off work.
3.5 is a different matter and 4 should be brilliant. Any higher rating requires full time staff and exceptional rooms.

Where are the 1 and 2 star properties. Is anyone out there a 1 star AAA RATED property.

I bet there are none. So what is the point. In reality we have three standards
3, 3.5 and 4. Higher is usually for large 24 hour hotels.

Most motels are 3.5 or 4. So guests would only pick between these two standards.

A one star should really be what a 3 is.

I won't be leaving AAA as we are required to remain as part of the lease. AAA needs to change or go away.