My answer has been, DO YOUR Research. Motel's own Sites offer the BEST deals and generally are more flexible. Wotif charges a $5.50 booking fee and $25 for any changes. So why do you use Wotif? You should be asking WOTIF.
Wotif did ring me once to complain that rates on another OTA was lower. My answer, lower your commission. Wotif said you are in breach of contract. I said Complain to me in writing, so that I can give it ACCC. Never heard from them. No OTA can enforce a contract that is anti competitive. Many OTA's, NEED IT NOW, Stay247 etc still charge 10%. They get my rooms at a lower rate: X+Commission. Unless we all start doing it, OTA's will continue to bully us. Don't rely on Accommodation Association or AHA. They are useless.