Good day Mr Peterson

I looked at the aforementioned OOKI thing and I believe that is a scam. It is certainly not what it is purported to be. And you can’t get a straight answer from the website. If it was legitimate then at least there would be a real website and a real product. But NO.

Perhaps you should try using the contact details provided on the website before deciding that an offering is a scam?

Regarding your comment concerning information made available on the OOKI website, we have found that engaging with our clients to understand their issues, rather than inundate with non-relevant detail, provides clients with a better overall experience. We focus on customer interaction and satisfaction, just as we do with our solutions and services.

OOKI now provide a zero Cap Ex, zero Op Ex, revenue share only, delivery model. This is a financial model we have worked very hard to deliver. For a property that means zero cost and zero risk. Just a share of the income generated.