I have recently taken over a motel and 4 months later I discover that the TV's are only receiving 3 of 6 FoXTEL channels. I have had a few discussions with FOXTEL about getting a better service and have never been very happy with them.

$395 for 6 channels on 18 rooms. I am getting screwed there too! I only get three of them due to an RF issue.

I have just decided that I will probably remove the FOXTEL service. I think that a substandard snowy RF signal compared with clear digital is not good enough to display to guests. I won't watch something on RF as our standards for quality are now a lot higher than accepting static.

Some of Our TV's have a ATV/DTV button meaning that guests have to switch between Analog and Digital. Do they bother? Who knows.
Note. If you are buying new TV's makes sure that they allow Analog and Digital on the TV Source and not by changing ATV/DTV.

I decided to change all TV's over to ATV, so that when a guest switches on a TV, they will see FOXTEL. I just went to the rooms and found that ALL TVs are on Digital.

So, I am happy to save $400 per month and flick Pay TV. What is my alternative?
I looked at the aforementioned OOKI thing and I believe that is a scam. It is certainly not what it is purported to be. And you can't get a straight answer from the website. If it was legitimate then at least there would be a real website and a real product. But NO.

I am thinking........ What about a second internet service (to share the bandwidth) and supply Internet TV's on WiFi.? That means I will need a few new TVs. And there is a risk that I still won't have enough bandwidth. I tried one TV from KOGAN, a 32 inch Internet Tv and it is absolute rubbish. Great panel but it's Android operating system is flaky, confusing and constantly needs a reboot.

Any other ideas?