We have a definite no animal policy, which is stated on our website and related OTAs.The only permitted animal is a registered guide dog, not even a companion dog is allowed. They also sign our guest registration form which also clearly states no pets, with a fee of $300 to be charged if found to be in the room.
We don't allow animals onto the motel site, not even left in the cars. We all know that the pet is not going to stay in the car all night!! AND we don't allow them in case they bark or mew all night which obviously then disturbs the rest of our guests. Our car park is too small.
We did have a guest once that had a trailer of chooks!!! He did park out on the street and they were ok.
The OH and S issue with the amount of allergies these days, you are the one liable for any health issue relating to the allergic reaction. Best to keep the pets at home or in a pet friendly motel that has kennels!