We too have found that we are down, We can account for most of ours....
*we lost 6 permanent rooms about 12 months ago
* the rep trade is definitely down over the past 3 years(that we have been here) we have noticed the difference
* bookings.com/channel manager/ and PMS couldn't sort themselves out so we lost a lot of business over approx 3 months, (unbeknownst to us at the time as to why)
BUT having said that, the laundry company that we use, has said, this is the worst they have seen in the past 25 years. This appears to be the general consensus amongst other operators in our city.
It will only get worse in our city, as the council keeps allowing more and more motels/apartments to be built. Yes we do have lots of things happening every week but the already established providers aren't full.
Last year in our 2 major peak periods, when EVERYBODY in town and the surrounding communities usually book out, EVERYONE had vacancies!! (this could have something to do with the tariff that gets charged by some but that's for another forum!)
We attended a conference back in Feb 2011, and they had told us then that 2014, would be the year that would make or break you. If you made it through 2014 you should be OK. How right they were!!
We have just returned from 8 days away and found that the down turn is across the board, motel operators on the south coast appear to be doing it tough as does the retail trade. There are so many empty shops in every size town that we traveled through. It is really sad for all concerned, and quite a worry as an operator.
Here's hoping that this year is better!!