Yes, we have about 12 years history and it was the lowest January since 2003, and about 40-odd rooms less than the next worst (2004). Weekend trade has generally been ok, but weeknights have been very poor. We thought that the lower fuel prices would get people moving, as in the past a raising of fuel prices would make an impact, but no. Our motel is well kept, and halfway through a renovation. Our room rates are about 23% higher than 10 years ago (that is probably close to inflation average) and anyway, it's not just us. They don't seem to be going anywhere else, they are just not going.....or at least not going this way. People are not spending as much on extras the last few years, especially breakfasts.
February weekend bookings look good, it still the weekdays. Not as many workers, not as many travellers, not as many reps, and last month not as many families.
I can only assume that it is an indicative of the level of consumer confidence. A fiscal speed bump perhaps?
Sadly if it continues the next victims will be the restaurant staff, as while I am ok with it pretty much breaking even I don't have much tolerance for a loss.
Ain't that funny BCM, our strongest years were in the middle of the GFC.......our graph runs different to the ascendancy starting from 2005 peaking in 09-11 and then sliding in 12 & 13 with a small recovery in 14. I'm not game to predict this year!
I'm presently working on some low-cost, highly targeted marketing at the moment. If it works as I plan it will help boost weekends some more. It is harder to come up with an effective idea for weekday trade as I'm struggling to think of anything that will produce tangible benefits. I hate scattergun cost inefficient.