Wow Mountain Man, that looks like a huge hit. By my calculation you are looking at being close to 30% down this month to date?

O.K. I am costal, but if I look at the month of January in isolation, I am about 10% down. Now our holiday season only runs till mid month and is then heavily influenced by what 'trade' work is being done in the area; this year not a lot.

I also have 12 years history (oh dear looks like we have all been in this industry for far too long!), but because of the above 'trade' work I look at the results slightly differently. I look at how many consecutive days we are fully occupied over the Christmas holiday period. Now on this basis, 2014/15 was an above average year; not a record year, that was in 2005/6 and 2012/13 and our worst was 2009/10 in the middle of the GFC.