Kate hi. I know we are not in Victoria, but I have a couple of example motels here who have 'attacked' the exposed brick issue. If you go onto Wotif and look at the images for the Ballina Travellers Lodge and the Fun 'n' Sun, you might get an idea of what can and can't be done and what works and does not work.

The Travellers Lodge have created a 'feature wall' which is quite interesting, but the down side in another room is too have painted the bricks white in the bedroom, which looks very clinical/hospital/padded cell look and is not good at all.

The Fun 'n' Sun has painted white brickwork, but then done a change of colour in order to get a contrast.

Both these motels are 3.5 Self-rated and not sure how that compares with yourself. If you are STAR Rated then exposed brick is becoming more and more of a no no. So be aware.

Hope this helps. Fire a few more questions at me if you need too.