Hi Stephanie,
As I said above we lock up and go home,no night bell, no answering machine and definitely no mobile given. The sign on the door says. office now closed and doesn't open again until 8am. This is not a night bell and only goes to an answering machine.
We do tell our guests to "make sure they take their key with them if they go outside as the doors are self locking and we lock and go home. We watch you on the cameras and laugh saying oh look room 7 has locked themselves out! And we don't come back esp if I'm in my jimmy jams!" "There is a park bench at room 17 and there is one on the verandah, just in case you need somewhere to sleep" One guest said, well I might have to kick the door in, and I said that's OK that will be $1000, cos that what the last guy paid!
We have only had 1 lock out in the past 2 years!