We have a night bell also which is switched off when we go to bed. The phone goes to answer machine telling caller of our office hours. We use to leave the phone on all night but also got sick of negotiating prices at 2am and we live on site so didn't have to get out of bed. The only issue we have is, because there is only one entrance into the motel, and we lock the front door at 8pm, it is possible that a guest might lock themselves if they forget to take their key. It did happen once about 18 months ago and since then we have a note on the door saying "No Vacancies - if you have forgotten your room key and locked yourself out of the motel please ring Mobile ...." If they don't have their phone... so sad. So far the only calls we have had have been from those leaving early in the morning who suddenly realise, after the door shuts behind them with the key in the key drop box, that they have left something important behind.