Kate hi again; must be getting bored! This is a comment I wrote in November 2014 in another section.

'I know this is one of our favourite subjects and recently a friend of mine in another motel rang me with a problem.
I have been telling him for years to take payment at booking, but he never has and on numerous occasions has been seen off with no shows and invalid Credit Cards. His latest problem is that he is getting an extraordinary 1 in 5 cancel. I explained that with no monetary commitment from the customer, they will cancel at will, even within your cancellation period. You can't pay for your plane ticket (often cheaper than the accommodation cost) when you get to check-in, so why do they think they can for a motel?

It got me thinking as to what other local motels were doing, so did a quick analysis. I had a feeling I was one on the strictest and I was right, as I am the only one that makes a notional charge on a cancelation outside of the cancellation period.
Only one other charged 100% at time of booking.

Four charge 100% of 1st night at time of booking.

The other six on arrival.

Three others are on seven days cancellation notice.

One is on three days and four on two days cancellation notice.

The remaining three give just one day.

It was interesting that the three largest motels collected monies on arrival and also had a one day cancellation policy!

Where do you fit? I know that I probably lose a few booking as a result of the policy, but like someone else said; I sleep well at night (and don't have a night bell!).'

p.s. This policy is consistent across all OTAs in that they/we collect the monies up front as well as the cancellation notice period. I would also comment that it looks like Booking.com are now doing some sort of validation on the Credit Card details provided by customers, as in the last two months we have not had one single 'decline' due to lack of funds or invalid details.