Kate hi. 15 rooms is about the max you can efficiently run with pen and paper, so moving to a computerised desktop booking system would be beneficial. However, a word of warning. You can sit anyone in your Reception and they will work with pen and paper, but not everyone can work and understand a computer system that you have customised for your own us, without a lot of training.

We use Siteminder for our online OTA booking system, which includes a mobile app and our own booking button to control our 12 rooms. The cost is $130/month. We run all the major OTAs through this very effectively. Now Sitemeinder also have a product called 'Little Hotelier', which links to this and runs your desktop booking system and has been designed with small motels in mind. I do not know the costs involved but the details/contacts are on their website. I think there is a free trial period as well.

Best of luck.