I gave Finn Foster a full month to come up with a quote and did not get it till the final day, leaving no time for negotiation. Not impressed. And to add insult to injury, having been promised up to 30% saving on my existing policy, they came in just $7 different!

O.K. let me give you the low down. This is a 'big boys toys' policy; a one fits all underwritten by a Lloyds syndicate in London. It has at least six items that I do not need cover for, but they were unwilling/unable to exclude them and thus reduce the premium. What do I need cover for 'works of art, management termination fees, landscaping, roads and pavements etc.?

The excess was $1,000, compared to my existing at $500, which means that I was unlikely to ever make any claim other than if the motel burnt down and what was the point of any 'accidental damage' coverage.

They made no specific mention of electronic signage; something everybody has, but was assured it was covered somewhere. And, the Public Liability cover was a separate policy.

They prided themselves on having $500,000 flood cover, but the excess on this one was $25,000. Given that I am a 1 in 100 years situation and for $25k I could recarpet/re-bed every room for this, it was again a no no.

Finn Foster were so surprised that I refused their policy, but I explained its shortcomings and suggested that given that 80% on the industry were smaller operators like myself, they should have a two tire policy system. My existing policy is with QBE, so if you are renewing and getting quotes, try them out.