I had a look into the business listings with TripAdvisor, where by you could pay to include your own 'booking button' as one of the preferential sites under your listing. Unfortunately you were not necessarily the 'preferred', as you were just in the list and not top of the list. You would then have to offer a better rate than the other OTA's to get any business.

There is also a 'specials/banner' option at the top of the page, but don't know much about that and I think in the case of TripAdvisor, people look at the individual accommodation provider rather than 'top of page'.

I'm also not convinced that TripAdvisor is so powerful as it once was. With genuine reviews on Wotif and Booking.com etc, I think that is where our customers are headed. Another observation I make is that I get less reviews (often zero) when we are busy and fully booked out over holiday periods. I guess the annual holiday makers have better things to do than write nit-picking reviews!