We are currently linked to booking.com, wotif, stay247 ARRA website, and of course our own website. We will now need to connect to expedia I guess due to the take over. I have thought agbout agoda, yahoo and a few others.
I really don't like booking.com due to the attitude of the customer service team. We seem to have endless problems with them, hardly any with wotif. We are using rms for the front office and we have useRoss as our channel manager. There appears to be issues with the connections between booking.com rms and useRoss, but of course no one is to blame and each point the finger to the other. We of course are the ones losing out!! Last Tuesday booking.com had us booked out but in reality we were not!! Thankfully a guest rang and inquired, which alerted us to the problem, but of course not b.c problem when i rang and because it was after 7pm no help from useRoss! My husband got really irate one day about 6 months ago with a b.c customer service officer and since then we have had trouble every other day, co-incidence????? I guess we will never really know.
Unfortunately, they OTAs and especially b.c are a necessary evil!