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    Hi Angimon,
    We don not have a night bell. We put a sign over the exterior phone, saying that the office is closed and the will not open again until 8am. This is not a night bell and will only go to an answering machine.
    We put the answering machine and the DND on, lock up and go home.(We live offsite)
    We were told, by the previous owner, when we first took over, that you can stand an debate the price of a room at 2am in the cold and wet and then they don’t take it. So he said he didn’t bother anymore, so we never have.I didn’t like the idea of coming over here by myself at that hour of the morning, and couldn’t expect Peter too when he had to back here at 6am, so we didn’t and we don’t!
    In case of an emergency, 99.9% of people have a mobile phone, so they can ring the essential services if they need!