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    PART 2
    Stress Relief

    Feeling a little low on energy? Here are
    some more Energy Zappers:

    4. A Bad Night’s Sleep:
    during the night can be an unfortunate
    side effect of Motel Life. When it comes to
    sleep – both Quality and Quantity matter.
    One bad night can effect some more
    than others – which can result in, maybe
    a less then ideal exchange with a guest,
    which will know doubt make its way to
    TripAdvisor… All because of a bad nights

    5. Dietary Choices:
    Including Sugar,
    Caffeine, Alcohol, Processed Foods, Not
    enough fresh fruit & Vegetables… Need
    I say more…

    6. Lack of Exercise:
    One of the struggles I always had in
    Motel life was getting the time for
    regular daily exercise. Sure there
    are lawns to mow and beds to make, but
    there is nothing I like more than a good
    daily walk… Maybe for you it is a surf or
    workout at the Gym. My advice – Take the
    time to look after yourself…