I feel sorry for you Stephanie. So far we have been lucky, (probably just jinxed myself!!) but we have had one booking to arrive at 12midnight, and I rang wotif before 8.30 when we close and told them we don't accept bookings after 10pm, and that they (wotif) would have to make other arrangements, and they did. We don't have a night bell and the outside phone has a notice over it and it clearly states "the office is closed and wont open again until 8am.This is not a night bell and will only go to an message advising of the office hours". Not sure how many people may have tried to ring but we also put on the 'dnd', so we cant hear a thing!!

Booking.com are becoming my pet hate. They are getting worse with their provider service. I try to educate all our guests on, "checking the otas to see where they want to stay and then ring the property directly, saves booking and cancellation fees and you are able to get all the info before you arrive at your destination". If only all motels would do this, we could then have them (otas) over a barrel for a change!!