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Mountain Man

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    Consider your market too. We are in a one motel town so people are not comparing us directly with other motels. We had a selection of 3rd party booking sites (which are a pain to set up and often a pain to administer) but found that it was just not worth the hassle and often communication surrounding cancellations left a lot to be desired.
    We have a strong website that guests can book live on plus a facebook presence, and our motel name is the same as the town……we come up first on google.
    I also think that, because it is necessary to increase rates on 3rd party sites to cover commission, this can make your tariff look uncompetitive. In our case, we are a 3 star motel and basic queen rate is $96. Add 12% on to that and it makes the price look excessive.
    It is the way of the modern world but personally I hate these ‘parasite’ businesses. Having said that, if we were directly competing I don’t think we would be able to do without them.