Love it or hate it, TripAdvisor is here to stay and unless the ACCC get some teeth nothing will change. They, Tripadvisor do not care a hoot who or what comments are made; they make too much money out of it.

Have you ever thought that one bad review could impact your ability to sell your motel? New owners inherit those reviews.
You cannot even opt-out unless you can prove your motel was burnt to the ground! Yet a restaurant can reinvent itself with a new name and start all over again. Hey, maybe I'll change the name of the motel!

I did read from one motelier that if you challenge them legally over a fraudulent review, they will back off. The quote was that if 'you and Tripadvisor knew that they review was fraudulent, they were then also equally being fraudulent and could be prosecuted'.

I have recently being monitoring the 'effect' of reviews on my scoring and ranking. I don't get many reviews, so it was easy to do. I customer gave me a glowing worded review and five out of five for Sleep Quality, Cleanliness and Service, but scored me overall just 'Average'. This, together with a similar review two years earlier was the 2nd and 3rd worst reviews I have ever had. Compounding this was an 8% fall in my scoring and a loss of three ranking positions in Ballina. Tripadvisor did not even answer my complaint! This particular reviewer has scored over 50% of her reviews as 'average'.

I rest my case.