Hi Newlooker

It is now the way of the world for the accommodation industry to use 'online booking' either through a third party and/or directly from your own website. We have to accept the 'commission' charges as just another form of advertising cost. You are certainly being disadvantaged by not having this. Unless you are the only motel in town!

It is very difficult to come up with any statistics as circumstances are always changing, but I can assure you that at peak holiday periods you will be full booked well in advance with 90% of your business coming from online bookings. You have to have a 'presence' in the market place to battle the competition, or you are dead in the water.

Many years ago I dropped AAAT's advertising and for less than half the price set up with Siteminder, who are the biggest operator in this market. For $80/month you can set up about 10 third party sites (more than enough) and for another $40/month you can have your own booking button and phone app. You are in total control of your rates and availability through just one single console. It is money well spent.