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    Busybees wrote:

    Hi Brumby I had thought about doing this but wondered how it would affect my bookings!! Have you noticed a difference ow haave you always dome this?
    I have always asked for ID or received enough information to satisfy myself that it is a genuine booking. Despite this I got caught out once. Once a guest refused to show me his licence at check-in and I phoned Wotif in his presence and them of the situation. They told him to show me the licence. After copping a lot of abuse I finally got the licence duly recorded the number then kicked him out. Told him that he was a suitable guest and i did not trust him with my room. No refund either. Did my bookings decrease, I have not noticed. I have told Wotif that if they try to bully me I will report them to ASIC for anti competitive trading. I will not be coerced by them.