O.K., this was a new one for me, but just might be a common occurrence.

A guest books through Booking.com and I collect all the monies up front from her Credit Card in accordance with our term & conditions; no problem.

Then the guest cancels within the cancellation period (no problem), but in the mean time her bank, which just happens to be the same as mine, has upgraded her Credit Card and she has a new number. Standard procedure to avoid money laundering you cannot refund to other than the original card number. So I ring the bank in order to get some confirmation that the old and new numbered Credit Cards belong to the same person. No, no, no says the bank that would contravene the Australian Privacy Laws. Basically, the bank did not want to know and had no solution to the problem and were not prepared to help out two of their own clients. Sounds about right!

So what can you do? This in fact was a genuine case and not money laundering, so the only solution we had was to request a copy of the guest driving license and refund by cheque. How backward a step is that in this age of electronics.

I just wonder how the big boys like Wotif or say Qantas deal with it