I used the "Breakfast To Go" packs for a sporting group about a month ago, they cost around $7 deliverd and I charged $10. They have their own disposable plate, spoon (serviette), so no washing up. We chose the fruit, cereal, juice and sweet muffin, whcih also has a mini museli bar, and yes longlife milk. We had no negative comments at all. We were in Sydney and they had them on offer, not that we bought them and I know of one other motel that uses them regualary, and its all that they offer. IF you have the space, then you can atcually do a nice display which makes them look appealing and therfore sell them. If I remember correctly, ours had a useby date, 9months after we received them.
We got ours from Travel Essentials. You can check out their website www.travelsessentials.com.au and have a look for yourself.
You say BMM that its too pricey for a Budget, how much do you charge for toast juice cereal fruit? Do you have a breakie room or do you deliver to rooms? Think of your wages (time) to set up the tray, wash up and obviously buy the ingredients. It might be worthwhile and cost effective to change, or at least try. We still offer cooked breakies so naturally own menus also have our continental selectin on them, who knows when we need to order more menus we may delete that part!!