As I have said so many times before, if we ALL did the same thing, charge the first night's tariff and the remainder is paybable ON CHECK IN, and they must present a valid cc, and perhaps charge a flat rate say $10 for cancellations then the customer would know what was expected ACROSS THE BOARD.
I realise this is a pipe dream as the 'big boys' won't play the game but if all us 'little guys' stick together and do the charge the same way then it would make EVERYONE'S life easier:
A) ours, cos we know if they don't show we still have the money for the first night, If they dont want to do this then we know up front, they are more than likey going to be trouble anyway!
B) the customer cos they know they will lose the first night and pay $10 cancellation fee, so are less likely to cancel. It just makes SO MUCH SENSE to me.
Can anyone let me know why they think this wouldn't work? I really AM interested in what you think.