are not very good at making customers aware of the 'booking term & condition'. They are hidden away behind 'tick boxes' and don't even appear on the customers booking confirmation, which I think is illegal. In's recent survey, this was one of the major concerns I raised.

For our part, we take 100% of the accommodation cost up-front and now even charge an 'administration fee' if they cancel outside of the cancelation period to cover our time and effort in handling the booking and then reversing everything, including re-marketing the room(s).

Yes, we have had a bad review as a result, but better that than getting a 'no show' with an invalid/no-funds Credit Card number at a prime holiday period. Incidently, in very small print at the bottom of the customers booking confirmation, it does say that the hotel/motel will collect the monies in 24/48 hours from the time of booking.