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    You can kiss goodbye to any compensation from the ‘old Check-In’. They went down owing $4.5m with no assets except their Trade Mark, which was bought for $35k, which just happened to equal Holzman’s fee! The purchaser then employed the ex-CEO. This was a ‘done deal’ and really should have been investigated by ACCC, as they were a listed company. Not being with ‘Check-In’ having kicked them into touch a year earlier, I could not take that action.

    Included in the debt of $4.5m was monies owed to accommodation providers of $1.7M and $0.3m to customers. There was also $35k in salaries not paid as well a the staff superannuation payments and a $100k IT cost. The funnies debt was $90k owed to TripAdvisor!

    The other strange thing was that we ‘the industry’ stayed with the new Check-in and in some cases those that lost money. Unbelievable!!