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    We are with the Arra group and AAA, unfortunately as part of our lease agreement we have to stay with both.
    I’m not too sure just how much benefit there is with the AAA, esp considering the costs and with Tripadvisor, and all the online “reporitng sites” who really needs the stars anymore.
    Arra, which is Budget, Orbit and Paragon Motels all rolled into one, not too sure, we are discovering more and more benefits, which should have been outlined to us when we first joined. We were paying our fees to them for the use of theirs, and to a channel manager, and PMS (which we inherited, so the guy before us obviously didnt know about them either!) for 2 years. so we were being doubled taxed!! They do have a great IT dept and the office staff are helpful, friendly and efficient.
    We dont get a lot of bookings via them, but that is not all they offer, and I think once we get all that we are entitled too, maybe it might be worth it. Things appear to be on the improve, I THINK or I hope anyway!!