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    Hi Toptown motel, I relasie this forum was started ages ago, but its first time I’ve been on this particular one.
    We were “burnt” early in our lease, so we now have a guest registraion form that I made up, ask me and I will send you a copy. The only people that kick up a stink are those that are dodgy, ( and you dont need them) so then you have the right to say, nick off!! Well tell them , it is a condition of your motel to fill out the form if you dont want to then I am sorry maybe you should find somewhere else. EVERYONE that comes into our motel signs one or they dont stay.

    I also have in our compendium, a list of rules and policies which state, if we find you have more guests than the room sleeps or that you have paid for you will be asked to leave regardelss of the time of day or night and you will not get a refund.
    I also send out a confirmation and information email to EVERY guest regardless of where they book, where we receive an email. It also states our rules regarding cooking, pets, smoking, and guest numbers, and i mark read receipt and keep that until after they have left.
    It is terrible that we have to go to the lengths to carry on our business, and like life there is always one bad apple that spoils it for the wholel bunch.

    robguy27, We had a fmaily stay with us (booked online for 2a & 2c) and four times she rang me whilst travelling telling me they were going to be prgressivley later, 4 times I questioned on how many people and 4 times she told 2a and 2c, of course there were 3 children when they got it and she argued with me and was quite nasty. It was 11pm and the kids were young. Made me out to be the bad person… I wanted to make them leave but what do you do when the kids are so young, I walked away and let my husband deal with it. I rang the OTA the next morning and they told me i should’ve kicked them out!!

    I am so over dishonest, lying, filthy grubs, thank goodness the good ones outweigh the bad ones!!!