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    Our policy for EVERY booking is we take payment ON booking, the only exception at the moment is wotif and we take payment on the day they check in, even before they have arrived. we take THE COMPLETE payment up front.
    I strongly believe if we ALL banded together and made this standard policy, it would make not only make our jobs SOOO much easier, but the travelling public would then not have different rules/policies at every turn!. They would just know, and expect, that they have to pay the first night up front and the rest on arrival, end of story.
    It works well for us, and so far (touch wood) we havent been burnt!! There was an incidence a few months back where a few motels in our town got burnt by the same man, saying St Vinnies were going to pay blah blah blah, he didnt stay with us becasue we said “up front payment.” I thnk 4 motels got stung. Save yourself the grief, take payment ON booking!