robguy27, I agree with CVM and Titania, I reply to every review, not just the good ones. This shows our potential customers that we are interested enough in what previous guests had to say, wo we must care about our establishment.
If we word the reponse correctly it shows that we are prepared to take onboard any criticism as well as the compliments. I also try to adrress all the ponts that they have mentioned, good or bad. In the last bad review I actually wrote...." why is it the only bad reviews I get are from people who are behaivng badly or doing the wrong thing??"
You do have to take some DEEP breaths before replying because sometimes you just want to give it to them!!! BUT you can't (obviously) so address each point, not essay style but not bullet point either. Finish with a positive note.
Again EVERYBODY is reading them, we can't avoid it, they are here to stay, and your response will impact just as much as their review.