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    I have actually started sending out an information email to EVERYBODY regardless of where they book, with us directly or OTAs, and it states the rules about animals, pets extra people. I will ask them to leave regardless of time day OR NIGHT and they may be charged and they will NOT receive a refund. If only EVERY MOTELIER across the nation would stick to the rules. I am so over the same thing..oh he sleeps with me or the last motel said it was OK. I did ask the question of Wotif, where we stood with thier customers and the amount of people booked, as we had a rather abusive mother, whom I had questioned 3 times about how many kids were coming, and she had only bookded for 2. Their response was we have every right to evict them on the spot or refuse entry if we couldn’t accommodate them in another room. How much of a heel to you feel at 11.30pm telling them to get out?? BUT its just has to stop and it starts with us!!!
    We all need to band together and STOP this.