We are thinking of putting a manager couple on every second month to live in for that month and would like to know what members here think is a fair pay. We have 18 rooms running at 45% occupancy over the year with summer the busiest times which can be 100% for 4 to 6 weeks. Included in package will be free rent, telephone, internet, electricity etc(all living costs). We only require continental breaky delivered to rooms the night before and no cooking is required at all so we will only make the continental food free to the managers. If 4 rooms or less, we will require the managers to clean the rooms, any more a cleaner will be available to help out. Washing is required with large commercial machinery for washing and drying. The manager is not expected to be checking emails or any accounting as my partner and I will keep an eye on things remotely while we are away. Driveway and gardens will need looked after and kept tidy.

Your thoughts please as we need to decide if it is a viable action to take by putting on managers.