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    I ALWAYS start my repsonse to “thanks for taking the time to write a review be it good or bad” I then write a lttle speil. I then address each comment individually eg: no hot water, then tell the world how we called the plumber out at 9pm while they (the guest) were still here, so that the world knows we take each complaint seriously.This guest even tho complained about the hot water (the 3 kids had had a 25 minute shower each!!) still gave us a 3.5/5!! And I always end on a positive note to the guest. Glad you liked our spacious family room which fitted your requiremsnts perfectly!
    I recently wrote on the bottom of our last “bad” review (thankfully we have only had 3) and said” why is it the only negative reviews we get are from dishonest people, those trying to sneak in more guests than they paid for, or guests that have made bad decisions(kicked in my door). of course you cant get a return response to that though!!