We were with Austar, when we took over(18months ago). We did receive the new signage and had it changed over to foxtel some time ago. We were away just recently and got to talking to the manager,(as you do).Foxtel was one topic that came up for discussion. We were paying $385 for 6 channels(19 rooms), but with the switchover we are now paying $435 for 10. We could have gone for a box per room at a cost $665 for 15 rooms, but that is def not worth it!!
We have had customers ask us if we have foxtel and in particular sport channels, if not they would go elsewhere!! So I think it is a necessary evil!!
We are still waiting for a technician to come out to give us a quote to install the extra 4 boxes needed to bring us up to Foxtel minimum for Austar's 6, AND of course we are already being charged the new rate, regarless of the fact that we still only have 6 channels!!