We offer free internet , as I know when i go to a motel i will stay at the one with free internet, so long as not a big price difference, almost all guests expect internet now.
I set our 17 room motel up for $400.00 with a plug and play system, which you can set for no password , password or
cards to charge for the service.If i can set it up anyone can, I am not a computer wizz by any means.
I think with the cheap cost of internet connections nowadays it is worth including it even if you increase room price by $1 to $2 dollars/night
You can have it set for no password and still monitor how much download they are using , if hogging the system just click on the block button , to easy
just have a fair use policy in guest service book
if interested the system can be obtained from
Freenetantennas.com.au and it is called unifi ( email Terry )
cheers Howard
castle creek motel