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No Need to Log Out

NO NEED TO LOG OUT OF MOTEL MINGLE When you log in to Motel Mingle and you have finished posting for the day or reading the forum posts or any other area of the Motel Mingle site, you do not have to log out. You can stay logged in unless your compute

I Need Your Help

Hey guys, most of you are aware that I started Motel Mingle as a motel leasehold owner as I felt the need for readily accessible information available without digging into the pockets too much forking out our hard earned dollars. Those who have be


SATURDAY!  SATURDAY! Guest: “Do you have a standard room available on Saturday?” Me: “What date would you like?” Guest:“Saturday!” Me: “Ok , Saturday on what date would you like?” Guest: (In a frustrated, can't you r

Only One Pillow Please

Only One Pillow Please (On the phone…) Customer: “Hi, I want to book a room with 2 beds for tomorrow.” Me: “Sure thing sir, lucky for you we’re not busy this weekend and have several rooms available. ” Customer: “Great, and ho

What Was That Password Again?

In today's online and digital society, we are coming across more and more websites and situations where we need to have a password or PIN to access our accounts. I found out very early in my online experiences that it is not a great idea to have t

Wagga Motel robbed by a Chubby Thief

THE same Ford Falcon sedan is believed to have been used as the getaway car in two thefts from Wagga businesses. The first theft happened about 9.25pm yesterday when a man reached over be front desk of a Tarcutta Street motel and made off with cash.