Welcome to the all new forum site connecting the Motel Industry.

Over time, I will be adding valuable content on this site for you to be more informed and help make the running of your motel business more rewarding.
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The following is what I plan to provide:

  1. User friendly Forum for members to ask or answer each others questions.
  2. Motel Industry based articles for the motel operator.
  3. Product, Service and Supplier directory including Relief Motel Managers and Motels for Sale.
  4. A place to share photos or videos of before and after shots of anything you like to share.ie. trashed rooms, refurbishments or anything else you think others would be interested in seeing.( Coming Soon)
  5. If you have any ideas of what you would like, let us know by posting in the forum here.or the contact form here.

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Our Latest Directory Listings

Relief Managers Wanted

Our wonderful relief managers ( for the last 5 years ) have decided to retire, so we are looking for a responsible couple to take over for our breaks, usually 2 x weeks mid year,and maybe 1 x week eac

Wayne and Mia BOND

Looking for Great Motel Managers? (www.greatmotelmanagers.com) We have owned and operated our own motels around Southern Queensland since 2006. Dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction at a
Marlborough Motel

Leasehold Motel for Sale-Snowy Mountains

This 60 room 3.5 Star rated Motel has a brand new 25 year lease (24.5 to go). It has 200 seat Restaurant, Bar, Lounge featuring open fire, pool table, Ski machine and Conference Centre, a commercial k

Tony and Linda Saunders

Experienced, Friendly and Hands-On Managers Motel operators for 10 years (Busy medium sized Motels and Serviced Apartments both Metro - Regional locations) Experience in running Motel Restaurants,

Doug and Margaret Smith

We have been involved in the accommodation industry for 13 years. We have owned and operated two motels and have managed in excess of 20 motels, B&Bs and apartments for other operators since selli

Relief Managers Wanted - Christmas and New year period

Managers needed for 3 weeks over the christmas and new year period.

OOKI Life-Hub - Internet & streamed media entertainment solution

The OOKI Life-Hub -Is an in-room guest Internet entertainment system for accommodation providers.


Myport is a leading national WiFi provider in Australia.

Blue Jet Cleaning Services

Professional hotel & motel Cleaning Service in Melbourne
Our Articles
  • help

    I Need Your Help

    December 14, 2014

    Hey guys, most of you are aware that I started Motel Mingle as a motel leasehold owner as I felt the need for readily accessible information available without digging into the pockets too much forking out our hard earned dollars. Those who have been actively participating in the forums or who have been staying in […]

  • Bill_Atkinson

    What to Consider before you leave on holiday

    September 4, 2014

    Written by Bill Atkinson, Relief Manager   email:bill@atkinsonfamily.biz Below is a guide of things to consider and organise before you go away on holiday. This will assist your relief manager to run your business as smoothly as possible in your absence, which means less worry for you. Appointing a relief manager While there are many resources […]

  • FPB


    August 26, 2014

    SATURDAY!  SATURDAY! Guest: “Do you have a standard room available on Saturday?” Me: “What date would you like?” Guest:“Saturday!” Me: “Ok , Saturday on what date would you like?” Guest: (In a frustrated, can’t you read my mind tone) “Blimey, the 16th.” Me: “Ok, Saturday the 16th of what month ?” Guest: “SATURDAY!!!!!!”